Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Strumpshaw

"I think we're going to get wet..." As the thunder rumbled overhead, we were half way along the Fen trail at Strumpshaw Fen, and I have to admit it didn't look promising. Something else that didn't bode well, and what I hadn't accounted for, were the sheer number of mosquitoes that decided to feast on my arms, legs, face every time we stopped walking. The birds seemed to know better than us what the weather had in store, we saw none except for a few mallards, a coot, a heron, a couple of terns and a marsh harrier. The heat and humidity had brought out insects other than mosquitoes though; the butterflies and dragonflies were out in force. There were many more species than I was able to capture or identify on the wing, but here are a few of the ones we spotted before the heavens opened:

Peacock butterfly enjoying the copious amounts of buddleia 

A rather tattered red admiral perching on the gravel

A pair of mating azure(?) damselflies

One of the many black-tailed skimmers to be seen, but only this one perched for long enough to take a shot

A lovely, delicate banded demoiselle sheltering from the impeding storm

The angry sky as the the thunder rumbled overhead...

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