Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rescuing Frogs!

Midweek Update

I had to rescue these two rather amorous common frogs the other day... They were erm... Mating on top of a speed hump (make any puns out of that if you wish...). I couldn't quite believe my eyes a I cycled passed, and had to go back and rescue them. I was just in time, a mini almost drove over them!

We also had an observatory training session last night in Reepham, unfortunately it was very cloudy so we didn't see any exciting objects. However, on walking back to the main school in the dark, I could hear the eerie hoots of tawny owls from the trees surrounding the school field.

In other news, the bird box on my lab now has feathers in it! Hopefully that means our blue tits are beginning nest making!


  1. If anyone knows why the female is red, I would be very interested to know!

  2. Lovely update were your button for followers